Quote from Elise Boulding, “We cannot achieve what we cannot imagine.” White text on purple background.
Quote from Peace Studies activist Elise Boulding. Illustrations by Rachel Arredondo

Illustration by Rachel Arredondo

A snapshot of my bookshelf, design and racism books intersecting

Transition Design Approaches

Written by Team Resilience: 
Hillary Carey, Alex Klein, Nandini Nair, Yuchuan Shan
Racial Inequity in Pittsburgh, Transition Design Seminar 2020, CMU

An overview of the Mural board used to work through learning activities used in Stacie Rohrbach’s Designing Learner Experiences course


A section of the cover of Designs for the Pluriverse (2018)

Participants wrote post-its to analyze a fictional example of a racist microaggression
  1. As part of a research project in the Human Computer Interaction Institute…

Hillary Carey

Design → AntiRacism → Design | pursuing a PhD in #TransitionDesign @CarnegieMellonDesign

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