• Cathryn Ploehn, MDes

    Cathryn Ploehn, MDes

    design, data viz / Lecturer at UT Austin / design at NIH Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute / MDes Carnegie Mellon

  • Bibiana Oliveira Serpa

    Bibiana Oliveira Serpa

  • Anna Boyle

    Anna Boyle

    Carnegie Mellon University | School of Design | MDes 21'

  • Natasha Margot Blum

    Natasha Margot Blum

    Principal Director, Research & Strategy at Blumline. Ethnographer, strategist, liminal thinker, radical listener. Designer of smarter, kinder, wiser futures.

  • Mahima Chandak

    Mahima Chandak

    Currently designing simple.org | Product designer at obvious.in http://mahima.me/

  • Damien Lutz

    Damien Lutz

    UX Designer, creator of Future Scouting speculative design game and book, author of sci-fi novels Amanojaku and The Lenz, and very amateur drone pilot.

  • Corina Paraschiv

    Corina Paraschiv

    Health Care Designer, Technophile and Experimenter

  • Carlye Lauff, PhD

    Carlye Lauff, PhD

    Design researcher, innovation strategist & educator currently based in Colorado, www.carlyelauff.com

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