Resources to learn more about long-term future visions for change

Hillary Carey
2 min readMay 31, 2024


A hot purple background with an image of the Winged Victory sculpture. The text reads: The value of long-term visioning in social change work.
A slide from my presentation on techniques for envisioning better worlds.

Here are the links and resources I typically recommend at the end of a workshop where people have been introduced to Social Design Dreaming, Experiential Futures, and visions for social change.

“But now is the time to think like poets,
to envision and make visible a new society,
a peaceful, cooperative, loving world without poverty
and oppression, limited only by our imagination.”
Robin D. G. Kelley, Freedom Dreams: the Black radical imagination

Play: Thing from the Future downloadable cards
Try it: Facilitation Instructions for Future Backwards
Try other tools: Actionable Futures Toolkit
Try other tools: The Center for Artistic Activism

“​​We say, Black lives matter! An afrofuturist assertion. Because we see something that is not here…And we bend the world to assert and embody that Black lives matter.”
adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

Watch: A Message from the Future II: The Years of Repair
Watch: Antiracist Futures
Watch: Superflux Futures Imagined

“Future thinking disrupts the taken-for-granted nature of the present.”
Ruth Levitas, Utopia as Method: The Imaginary Reconstitution of Society

Read: Everyday Speculations for Social Change, Hillary Carey
Read: From Future Workshops to Envisioning Alternative Futures, Jim Dator
Read: Six pillars: futures thinking for transforming, Sohail Inayatullah
Read: The Radical Imagination, Max Haiven & Alex Khasnabish
Read: Freedom Dreams, Robin D. G. Kelley
Read: The Care We Dream Of, Zena Sharman
Read: The Art of Activism, Duncombe & Lambert
Read my dissertation: Social Design Dreaming: Designing Future Visions of Racial Justice, Hillary Carey

“Let’s ask,
‘What can we imagine for
ourselves and the world?’

If we do that, then boundless possibilities of a more just world await us.”
Mariame Kaba, We do this ’til we free us



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